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In the run up to opening a permanent base for our Mixed Martial Arts gym in South London in May 2014 and re-branding with a new logo and website, we really thought hard about what Urban Warriors Academy® stands for, what we want our club to represent.

We are a Combat Sports and Martial Arts club, that’s it, that’s what we do. We decided long ago that we were not about fads or gimmicks, moreover, we were not a factory for cloning gym bunnies (with the greatest respect to gym bunnies of course). We want our club to represent self development, strength, fitness and skill derived from good old fashioned hard work and expert technical instruction. So if you’re looking for the best place to train mixed martial arts london – book yourself a free trial class and come and check us out!

The self development element is very important to us.  Everyone involved with the club at the ownership and instructor level has felt the positive effects of training in this environment. Perceptions change, confidence and respect grows, calm and peace reign! We hope this will be evident to all existing and new members and it is something we will strive to promote as we grow into our new base.

This mention of growth leads neatly onto the next topic: Community. We feel that our club should be more than just a place to train, it should be a community. Members know they will always be welcome, they will have friends here and be part of our Urban Warriors Academy® family. It is, therefore, not too much to see that the positive aspects will stretch out into the surrounding community as a whole.

Our logo embodies our philosophy: the bow is an essential component of the discipline and respect embedded in our sports. It represents a person who competes with strength and courage whilst demonstrating humility and respect.best place to train mixed martial arts london

We will strive to live and act according to our values and philosophy:

We believe in development and striving to get the best out of ourselves and each other. The physical and mental challenges of Combat Sports and Martial Arts training with Urban Warriors Academy® should provide members with a sense of personal and collective achievement, community and a place to belong.

  • Hard Work
  • Team Spirit
  • Courage
  • Humility
  • Respect

These are exciting times and we want for everyone to share in the benefits!

Urban Warriors Academy® – the best Mixed Martial Arts London


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